Saturday, February 28, 2015

Video: Compressor Head

If you are interested in compression algorithms, then the "Compressor Head" short series is a great collection of videos. And, the compression algorithm to beat is the LZ family, which is the backbone of just about all compression that is done. Though, the Markov Chain Compression looks really interesting!

The LZ77 Compression Family
Markov Chain Compression
Burrows-Wheeler Transform

- Danial Goodwin -

Friday, February 27, 2015

Read: Nearly All Binary Searches and Mergesorts are Broken

A great reminder that even the simplest code can have bugs that aren't found for year or even decades in this case!

Remember the integer overflow.

Source: Google Research Blog - Extra, Extra - Read All About It: Nearly All Binary Searches and Mergesorts are Broken (2006-06)

- Danial Goodwin -

Friday, February 20, 2015

Video: A Whole New World

This great talk by Gary Bernhardt will make you think about the legacy systems that you are using everyday and why can't they be better. Hint: They can.

- Danial Goodwin -

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Video: The Unpuzzling Kotlin: Bringing Clarity to Your Code

An okay-ish video. I would only recommend it if you would like to learn a little bit about an alternative Java language, Kotlin (by JetBrains). Basically, it fixes many of Java's un-intuitive "features". And, it's usuable for Android.

After the first 10-15 minutes about Kotlin features, there are Java puzzlers for the rest of the video. Code puzzlers are great ways to learn about the edge cases of a language and help you understand better why some easy code isn't working.

Video: The Unpuzzling Kotlin: Bringing Clarity to Your Code

- Danial Goodwin -